Backgammon tutorial

backgammon tutorial

Ein paar Hinweise, wie man Backgammon spielt. Kultspiel Backgammon Tutorial (Deutsch) - How. Before you go further, have you got a backgammon board? You'll need one to follow the positions and instructions within this tutorial. Where Do We Start?. Backgammon Lernen (Deutsch) Das ist eine Anleitung für Beckgammon auf Deutsch/HD. You can jump to these headings via the links or scroll down the page to each section. Many games that should have been won are lost when a blot is hit during the bear-off. A lot of beginning backgammon players make the mistake to do anything they can to put their own checkers at safe, irrespective of the question whether they are ahead or behind in the game. The "Brain Busters" beginner tutorial series offers three new backgammon positions in each article, problems that we believe to be challenging and worthy of thought and discussion. This is how the game ends and you win - taking off all your checkers before your opponent does. We all play games to win, but if we don't know how to win when we get to the end of the game then we often end up losing - and the more you lose the sooner you'll get tired of playing. Für jeden Würfel darf er einen eigenen Stein um so viele Plätze backgammon tutorial seiner Zugrichtung weiterbewegen wie Augen gewürfelt wurden. When you have finished set up the position in Diagram 6 as often as necessary and practice bearing in joker kartenspiel off until you are confident with bearing in and off against opposition. Bewegen der Steine und Schlagen Beide Spieler sind abwechselnd an der Reihe. Now for the For example if you roll this is not a 5 but one move of 3 and then one move of 2 or, one move of 2 and then one move of 3 you can move two checkers or one checker. You should have twenty-five rolls that leave a blot. Essential Tables For Winning At Backgammon. Rolls That Hit A Double Shot. If you roll a die higher than the highest point occupied, checkers can be removed from that highest point; that means that if your highest occupied point is your 4-point and you roll you can remove a checker from the 4-point using the 6 and a checker from your 2-point. Walter Trice covers every aspect of the game--from the most fundamental to the most advanced. If only one die can be moved then the higher is moved if possible, else the lower one. If I start at the beginning you won't have the faintest idea of what you're trying to achieve during a game of backgammon. Set up your backgammon board as in Diagram 1. Wiedereinsetzen geschlagener Steine Der gegnerische Spieler muss mit diesem Stein dann wieder ganz neu beginnen. Black's checkers move anti-clockwise, and white's checkers move clockwise. Bearing Off Against Opposition On The Bar Whenever a checker is hit in backgammon just like in ludo he has to go back to the start. This series of beginner's backgammon tutorials was later published in book format. Für jeden Würfel darf er einen eigenen Stein um so viele Plätze in seiner Zugrichtung weiterbewegen wie Augen gewürfelt wurden. Jeder würfelt mit zwei Würfeln Das erledigt wie immer natürlich Brettspielnetz. Also, no other checker can be moved on the backgammon tutorial anywhere until all checkers on the bar have re-entered. Summed up, backgammon is an exciting game of tactics, probabilities and chance. Also, remember that you can move either die. Dein Browser versteht keine iframes. Home Computer Science Backgammon Setting up the Board Setting up the Board. This is how the game ends and you win - taking off all your checkers before your opponent does. backgammon tutorial




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